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The Studio:  Accessed via a single ground floor door, it's a clean, comfortable, heated and air-conditioned space of about 600 sq ft overall.  The normal shooting area is 6x4m, with a 3.5m apex ceiling across its 6m width.  Being open plan, though, it is possible to "borrow" a bit more space from adjacent areas.  
Equipment:  There is a selection of Elinchrom lighting equipment available (9 heads) which can be remotely controlled from a PC via Elinchrom Studio software; a curtained off model area; full length backdrops in many colours; rooflights for natural light; posing tubs, chairs, stools and sofa etc, and furniture and lighting can easily be moved around to suit the shoot. There are also furniture and room set options, depending up the nature of the shoot.​​​​​​​
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