Do you have old family photographs you'd like to be cleaned up and re-printed? Or maybe you'd like a larger family collage created, or Art Copy images? 
The example above is from a family project, where I created a bound, printed book from an album of very well travelled prints: my wife's granddad brought the prints back from WWII and his time with RAF 146 Wing as they progressed through Europe after D-Day. There are also some client examples below.
Pricing: Every job is different, so all work will be subject to a quotation based on the work involved and any printing requirements. A simple example of scanning and re-printing a batch of photographs in good condition could be as little as £3 per image. However, working with damaged prints, to be suitable for a larger print sizes, could easily take 2 hours or more per image, so please get in touch for a quote. Please note there is a minimum charge of £40 though.
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